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What is Integrative Nurse Coaching?

'Change comes from Within'

This important statement and how we recognise and action this, is the beginning of creating a greater sense of place for ourselves and our communities. No positive nor sustained changes can occur without this.

'Nurse Development'

Integrative Nurse Coaching is a natural extension of nursing practice to address the healthcare needs of our nation and world. To model health and wellness, I will coach nurses in four areas of self-development (self-reflection, self-assessments, self evaluation, self care) to enhance growth, overall health and wellbeing for their patients.

'Proactive not Reactive Healthcare'

As health care shifts from a disease-orientated system to one proactively focused on wellness, health promotion and disease prevention, the Integrative Nurse Coach is an essential ingredient for successfully assisting people toward sustained health.

'Personal or Community Development'

Even if you aren’t a nurse you may wish to contact me to help in your own personal development,or to talk with your group about self improvement. I approach this self-discovery through four different themes, all of which combine to improve the whole;

  • The Art of Discovery
  • The Art of Mindfulness
  • The Art of Purpose
  • The Art of Authentic Leadership

“One good conversation with Anah, and chances are your life will change for the better.”


I read an article about Anah’s integrative nurse coaching in New Zealand, and it inspired me to take the same path in my nursing career. I then had the great fortune to meet Anah in person at the nurse coaching program and was even more impressed.


Anah is an inspiration and a leader, she fully embodies health and the art of aging well. She is vibrant, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable in the world of health and wellness. She listens intently, and responds thoughtfully and authentically.  Anah understands the whole person, and knows the importance of one’s story. Her approach to health is unique, holistic, and empowering.


If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it!  You will be taking a quantum leap towards improving your health and wellness.

Jackie McCray

RN BSN , Oregon State Board of Nursing


Anah Aikman – Your Integrative Nurse Coach

“I see my role as an integrative nurse coach as helping nurses reconnect with the vision of caring and healing that originally inspired them to become a nurse.”

At the end of 2012, I was considering giving up nursing when I discovered the integrative nurse coach website This website showed me how I could make a paradigm shift in nursing, by going back to the essence of caring. I felt I had finally met some nurses who spoke my language, nurses who were talking about becoming role models and change agents for patients and other nurses, helping patients make decisions about their health and lifestyles before they got into hospital or even when they had been admitted to hospital.

Nurses are good at doing ‘things’ but we are challenged when it comes to helping patients make sustained lifestyle changes. Nurse coaching is about using skilful questioning to help patients make these changes; it’s also about taking an holistic approach to nursing, which fits well with an indigenous model of health.

If someone presents with a broken arm, mending the bone is one thing, but finding out what is behind that break could lead to more significant discoveries and healings for the patient. We need to hear people’s stories. What lies behind the broken arm or the asthma attack? How does the patient feel about their lives? When we really listen to our patients, when we are really in the moment with them, then there can be a real shift in consciousness. When people feel they have been heard, they feel affirmed and real healing can take place. Nurses need to collaborate with patients so they can make sustained changes to their lifestyles and build resilience.

Becoming a nurse coach means enhancing your own self-care as a nurse and seeking new directions in your nursing practice to support patients in creating healthier lifestyles.  

Contact me to learn more about the role of an integrative nurse coach and how I can help your business, people and nurses create healthier, more productive lifestyles.

My Nurse Coaching Services


I regularly hold workshops throughout NZ, so please contact me to arrange a workshop or to find out when I’m holding my next workshops in your area.

Corporate Packages

Would your business or organisation benefit from healthier, more enthusiastic staff?

Contact Anah to learn how she can help your staff and your own ROI !

Become an Integrated Nurse Coach

Nurse Coaching

Interested in Integrative Nursing?

I am setting up coaching programmes for like-minded nurses wishing to explore this field of caring further. Get in touch with me if this is you.

Nurse Coaching Services include (but not limited to):

Transformational Travel Retreats, Health and Wellbeing Seminars, Nursing & Health Consultancy, Health Advocacy and System Navigation, Weight Management and Nutritional Support, Workplace Wellness Programs, Stress Reduction, Inspirational Speaking Engagements, Trauma, Grief, Death and Dying Coaching for individuals and groups, Authentic Leadership for Nurses and the Healing Narrative.

Nurse Coaching Courses

Each course is an event in itself.

Courses may be booked consecutively or as preferred. e.g. you may wish to just focus on leadership and wish to book a course related to the fourth option as outlined below.

Costs: POA. Nutritious food, drinks and treats provided as part of these wonderful learning and inspirational courses.

Contact me about my Nurse Coaching packages shown below

The Art of Discovery

The Art of Discovery

  • Discover the power in your story. ‘Who am I? ‘
  • Explore perspectives and the importance of culture, connection and belonging.
  • Learn Neuroscience basics and the role of Stress.
  • Gain insights into Nutrition and the exciting new world of Epigenetics.

The Art of Mindfulness

  • Discover the power of mindfulness and the gift of presence.
  • Explore the importance of self care in living authentically.
  • Embrace meaningful conversations and the language of positivity and listening.
  • Empower yourself in the art of silence, empathy and compassion.
The Art of Purpose

The Art of Purpose

  • Discover the power of reflection, resilience and intrinsic change.
  • Explore the stages of change, finding your voice to inspire positive choices.
  • Implement SMART goal techniques to create a future of possibilities in an extraordinary life.
  • Empower yourself to live a life on purpose, one’s best life in an intricate, delicate and interwoven journey of discovery.
The Art of Authentic Leadership

The Art of Authentic Leadership

  • This Leadership event is open to individuals, workplace businesses, community groups and targeted audiences as requested.
  • Empowering individuals and groups towards becoming positive change agents.
  • Learn the language of authenticity, collaboration and positive role modelling.
  • Learn how to sit in stillness at times of challenges and crises making informed choices.

Anah Aikman - 1st International Certified Nurse Coach

Health & Wellbeing Group Packages

Perhaps you have a group or club who are looking to experience and learn about the health and better living benefits an integrated nurse coach solution can provide?

The group events I hold are able to be targeted to meet your specific group requests. The benefit is that as the prices are able to be split amongst the participants, the more that attend the greater the price benefit for you.

Contact me to organise a session now

Qualifications & Profile

Member of the International Nurse Coach Association
New Zealand Registered Nurse
International Nurse Coach Association Certified

About Anah

Kia Ora and welcome to my world of nurse coaching in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

I am a Director, Registered Nurse and Certified Integrative Nurse Coach, seeker of knowledge, an explorer and an avid story teller, as were my Celtic and Maori ancestors, an ancestry I am proud of.

It is with humility and great respect that I recognise all those pathfinders, leaders, healers and people of strong moral fibre who came before me. For without you I would not be here to continue the journey and lessons of living in balance, harmony and alignment as one. Breathe in the breath of life.

I have been nursing for over 40 years, both in Australia and New Zealand, in a variety of roles, including management and research. At the age of 24, I became unit manager of a busy, acute medical surgical ward at Prince Henry’s Hospital in Melbourne, where I learnt the value of teamwork.

Born and bred in Queenstown, it was not until I worked in Gisborne, establishing a new rest home there, that I really began discovering my Ngati Maniapoto roots.

“A lot of the staff at the rest-home were Maori and they helped me understand the importance of including a Maori worldview in health care. Their way of approaching death and dying also taught me so much.”

To become an accredited nurse coach, I embarked on a six-month course of study, which involved three trips to New York. I am very grateful to NZNO for the two scholarships I was granted to help with this study – from the Florence Nightingale Memorial Fund and the British Commonwealth Nurses War Memorial Fund.

Developing nurse leadership and caring for nurses is important to me. Often we are so busy at work, we neglect to find out about the lives of our colleagues. It’s about sharing our knowledge, wisdom and experience with the younger generation of nurses. Most nurses are in their mid-50s. My generation will be gone soon, so we need to nurture the younger cohorts of nurses now.

Inherently, I know that the art of story, connectedness, belonging, mindfulness, empathy, authentic leadership and the exciting new realm of epigenetics, are an integral pathway towards sustained positive health, wellbeing, resilience and the holistic ‘Art of Aging Well’.

To learn more about me click here

Anah Aikman RN, NC-BCAnah was born of both Maori and Scottish ancestry and raised on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown. Known as the Sleeping Giant, this freshwater lake is unique in the way that it appears to breathe in and out, akin to the rise and fall of the ocean’s tide.


During the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, Queenstown was still an isolated community. Children and elders alike relished the freedom that the mountains and the lake provided. For Anah, it was a play arena that was ultimately hers to roam free within. A deep sense of belonging occurred; hers was a community closely bound by the lake and the mountains. Even as a small child, Anah had a deep love for the natural beauty of the area that connected her intrinsically to the land. An intuitive nature encompassed her sense of self, which would prove to hold her in good stead for the future.

At the age of 15 yrs, life changed abruptly. Decisions at a political level meant Anah’s family home would be lost to the government of the day. It was to be replaced by a new school. This unilateral decision brought intense heartache to her family. Feeling disenfranchised, Anah and her family left their beloved Queenstown. An acute sense of loss and injustice pervaded the soul of a 15 yr old girl, a loss that tore from her an intrinsic part of who she was.

As Anah matured, the loss of her home instilled within her a keen sense of right and wrong. This practice underpinned her principles and her work ethic. In retrospect it appeared rather ironic, as in 2004 Anah became intimately involved in the fight against the closure of her children’s school. Unlike the loss of her childhood home, justice was upheld and the school remained open.

At 24, Anah became a well respected Unit Nurse Manager for an acute medical/surgical ward in a busy central Melbourne hospital in Australia. A position not often held, at that time, by someone so young. As her years in health continued, she found herself in positions of management and education whilst still at a young age. With new experiences came new challenges for Anah, who intuitively understood that life was a journey of personal growth, highs and lows combined.

Being a seeker of knowledge, Anah travelled to different lands and experienced other cultures in her celebration of diversity. From the Dalai Lama’s home in the Himalaya’s, to the desert mesa’s of the Hopi Indians in North Arizona, she became a strong believer of embracing the moment. Anah’s journey also led her from the Maasai in Kenya, to the hustle and bustle of colonial Hong Kong where she experienced poverty and wealth juxtaposed. Finally, from the Wampanoag tribe of Martha’s Vineyard to the ancient landscapes of India, Anah learnt the importance of connecting with people and her appreciation of others deepened.

In 1998, for the first time in her life, she experienced an acute, intensely painful, life threatening illness. As she lay beneath the CAT scan, Anah remained focused on breathing, knowing that each breath would take her nearer to the next, and that the next breath would lead her nearer to life. The days that followed were spiritual in nature, awakening within her the importance of being grateful for everything, day and night.

What Others Said

  • Very good- want to hear more
  • Inspiring
  • Empowering

She has so much knowledge from different backgrounds. Could listen to her stories for hours. Highlighted the importance of self care and how nurses can be supported.

Health South Canterbury

Preceptor Day April 2014

‘I loved your smile and interaction with the group! The introductory round where we had to say what was most meaningful for us in our work at hospice set a thoughtful and respectful atmosphere. It enabled us to share a part of ourselves that we don’t normally reveal’

Jean Watson Group

Group Member, SC Hospice

Just reading your blog and LOVING it! Looks like you were in my ‘home’ about this time last year. And it looks like you were in the neighbourhood of my closest mate back home, Mendocino. I wish you two could have connected. Maybe another time. Okay, I’m back to read more …

Carmen Hagen

Marketing & Communications Advisor

“A well organised, fun weekend of revitalisation, rejuvenation and inspiration shared with a wonderful group of women. Thanks Anah for a great experience”


Anah, this was a truly 4-D experience and I thank you for it… You offered such an enriching space for mind, body, soul and senses. Thank you for the opportunity to attend

Maree Rowley

Arowhenua Health Clinic

‘ There was very positive feedback’ ‘She feels it is so important to hold another person in their pain – just being there without running away or doing anything’ ‘We enjoyed listening to your stories because they are situations we can relate to’ ‘Keep up your great work!’

Jean Watson Group

Hospice South Canterbury

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